Availability, understanding and professionalism

We were ready to make an investment in Florida but at the beginning it was all very vague, we didn’t know how to begin our research. Naturally, thanks to the Internet we could find all sorts of properties, but we didn’t know the neighborhoods, local environments, etc., factors which are very important in the US. By chance we found the US Invest site with all the necessary information. We contacted Mr. Bismuth who responded immediately. Mireille quickly took over and by the time we arrived in Florida all the visits had already been set up according to our wishes. Thanks to their expertise we bought a property which we would never have thought of getting otherwise. And we’re quite happy about this. We’ve made our first investment in Florida. Thank you to Bernard and Mireille for their availability, understanding and especially their professionalism. We recommend them to our friends without hesitation. I am a real estate agent in France so I’m quite discriminating in the real estate business… see you soon for the next purchase!

Lucie and Thierry TATIN

We have finally realized our dream

A very big thank you to both of you, Mireille and Bernard. Thanks to you we have finally realized our dream: a home in Florida. What seemed complicated… nearly impossible, took place easily with complete trust and respect. Something to experience again!

Best regards.

Sylvie and Emmanuel GERMAIN

An impeccable service; very professional

Hello. We are really happy we chose Bernard and his wife Mireille for the purchase of our house in Florida. They gave us an impeccable service. They were very professional, courteous and always available to answer any questions. Conferring the task to this team has been a good move in our lives. I strongly recommend Europeans and Canadians do business with US Invest International. Thank you for your service, Mr. Bernard Bismuth.

Djamal Badji and Nathalie Carrier

We felt completely secure

In April 2011 my husband and I decided to purchase a condo in Pompano Beach, Florida. As French speaking people living in Montreal, we started our research over the internet. But we needed to find an experienced real estate agent who is knowledgeable in Floridian laws to help us secure our future purchase. We therefore signed a contract with Mr. Bernard Bismuth and together we reviewed our requirements, leading to a prompt improvement in the progress of our research. From the very first moment we felt completely secure and this led us to schedule a meeting in Pompano to do some visits. Mr. Bismuth came to pick us up at the airport and brought us to our hotel, which he had also reserved for us. After a few days we were able to negotiate a sales agreement which was finalized the same week. We became owners of a condo in Florida!!! Over three years later we’re still very happy with our purchase which has substantially increased in value. WE WOULD NOT HESITATE TO DO BUSINESS AGAIN WITH MR. BISMUTH AND TO REFER HIM TO OTHERS. HE IS A REAL GENTLEMAN.


On your good advice

Fantastic… you helped us to realize our dream thanks to your quality service, your presence at every step of the proceedings, and thanks to your good advice. From our initial contact on your site to the finalization of our purchase you have always been present. For us this has been proof of complete professionalism, and confirmation of total trustworthiness. We bought our property with complete confidence and today we’re happy to be fully enjoying our home.

We couldn’t have made it happen without them

We can only rejoice to have had Bernard and Mireille at our side during the acquisition of our Florida apartment. These people are considerate and very professional. We think that we couldn’t have made it happen without them, whether organizing appointments, all the administrative details, communicating with the seller and co-owners, and then after the sale, with all the problems to be dealt with when we were no longer there! You can trust them completely. Ask us if you’d like more information, but don’t hesitate to contact Bernard and Mireille, you’ll be grateful you did this.

Francois and Brigitte GOULARD

Excellent work

Hello to both of you. I would like to thank you for the EXCELLENT work you did towards the purchase of our condo in Florida. You have been devoted, honest and always ready to help us on every level. We are very grateful to you for this and would do business with you again in the event of another purchase. Thanks and don’t hesitate to contact me for further info.

France Bedard Bourdon

Don’t hesitate to put your complete trust in them

We could easily copy/paste from other reviews! Bernard and Mireille have been central to the realization of our projects. Thanks to their professionalism, we achieved our objectives. We’d like to extend our sincere thanks! Don’t hesitate to trust them with your move, contrarily to other European real estate agents who don’t assist in any way once the sale is concluded. We wish them both a long, prosperous real estate career.

Juliette & Jean Claude

A precious help

Meeting Bernard and Mireille has been a determining factor in our purchase of a house in Florida. We were greeted with their warm, personalized and very professional service. Their precious help during the moving process is a real plus. Today, we’re happy to call them our friends.

Zellat Christine & Hadj

The after-sales service is impeccable

We’d been dreaming of buying a property in Florida, far from depressing and gloomy Belgium. Speaking English but having no experience in real estate dealings or knowing the workings of American legislation, what were we to do? By chance we came upon US Invest owned by Mireille and Bernard Bismuth. This was our deliverance; their sympathetic and friendly approach (“cool”) yet terrifically effective and professional, reassured us completely. The purchase of our house in our absence (after our return to Belgium) in 2010, the administrative help and the various advice they gave us, as well as more we haven’t mentioned; everything took place without the slightest hitch or unpleasant surprise. And it took place in complete mutual trust and a feeling of financial security. The after-sales service (which does not exist in Belgium) has remained impeccable. This is a very important factor when one lives and works away from Florida. Actually it’s very simple: we highly encourage potential buyers in your family and business entourage to contact US Invest. Our dream may not have ever been realized without their excellent collaboration.

Regine Dubois and Pascal Lenoir (Belgique)

I thank them for their unfaltering presence

The purchase of a house in Florida by a French citizen who does not speak English can turn into a nightmare. We had the good fortune to cross paths with US Invest, which resolved all our administrative challenges and has remained attentive to unfolding events long after the sale took place. How to describe the precious help received to equip the home, small tasks related to moving in, furnishing, getting the property ready for rental, even as we were already back in France? I am not afraid to admit that without US Invest, nothing would have happened without major hassles. We put out complete trust in them and have certainly not been disappointed; we received more than a service, and we’ve acquired a friendship. By this testimonial, I thank them for their unfaltering presence and confirm the trust I’ve placed in them.

A Sense of Security

In 2012 we met Mr. and Mrs. Bismuth while on a prospecting trip in Florida. We also met with at least a half dozen real estate agents in Orlando, Miami, and Sarasota. Since then we have invested in several real estate holdings all over Florida thanks solely to the excellent, professional advice of US INVEST INTERNATIONAL. As we do not come from the States it was necessary for us to feel secure regarding our investments abroad, located so far geographically from our usual activities. Offering much more than the traditional real estate agency we’re familiar with in Europe, Mr. and Mrs. Bismuth are assisting us since nearly 4 years with a personalized service well adapted to our needs, as much for professional investment projects as private ventures. When is the opening of an E.U INVEST INTERNATIONAL?

Vincent Hens (Belgique)