In Florida approximately 95% of all deals are done between two agencies, one representing the seller and the other one representing the buyer, with a shared commission included in the sales price.

The role of a real estate agent representing the buyer is to do a custom search for him amongst all the properties on the market across all real estate agencies, without charge.

Situated on west coast of Florida on the Gulf of Mexico, Naples is the trendiest city in Florida. More millionaires call Naples home than any other city in the country.

Naples has homes worth upwards of $40 million dollars.

Naples proper has around 20,000 residents but the greater Naples region has around 320,000.

The economy of Naples is largely based on tourism. Due to its proximity to the Everglades it’s also an eco-tourism destination. Its climate is tropical and temperatures vary between 13 and 26 degrees.

Naples has several universities and a major hospital with 700 beds, known as the NCH Healthcare System.

Downtown Naples is full of luxury boutiques, antique dealers and art galleries.

Naples also has an opera, a symphonic orchestra and museums.

The beach in Naples is magnificent, with exceptionally fine, silky white sand over 16 km of coastline on the Gulf of Mexico.

With 80 golf courses, Naples is considered the world capital of golfing.