In Florida approximately 95% of all deals are done between two agencies, one representing the seller and the other one representing the buyer, with a shared commission included in the sales price.

The role of a real estate agent representing the buyer is to do a custom search for him amongst all the properties on the market across all real estate agencies, without charge.

Miami is a city with around 400,000 inhabitants, situated in the south east of Florida in the county of Miami-Dade.

As the best known city of Florida, it’s the preferred destination of foreigners.

Central Miami has the biggest concentration of banks in the United States. It also has many hospitals, research centers and biotech industries.

East of Miami is Miami Beach with its towering high rise buildings directly facing the ocean.

Situated in South Beach in the southern section of Miami, the “Art Deco” neighborhood is known worldwide for its night clubs, restaurants, beaches, historical buildings, and shopping. It’s full of action night and day.

Miami Beach offers a multitude of hotels in every category; the most luxurious accommodations are listed at upwards of $1000 per night.

Miami Beach attracts a large number of artists and musicians to its symphonic orchestra, opera and school of arts, and many others seek out cutting edge hip-hop and freestyle dance.

Miami’s restaurants reflect its multi-cultural background. Eateries are French, Italian, Cuban, Mexican, as well as a myriad of other cuisines.

The Port of Miami, also known as the world capital of cruise ships, offers a permanent display of stately cruise ships.

South of Miami there is Coral Gables with its luxurious historical residences as well as Coconut Grove with endless parks and gardens.

Miami is often chosen by Europeans for its reputed French learning institutions.

Thanks to its geographical position north of the Tropic of Cancer and its proximity to the Gulf Stream, Miami has a subtropical climate – hot in summer and around 20 degrees in winter.

For several years the city was affected by the financial crisis, but it has now rebounded and prices are higher than before the crisis.

The Miami International Airport offers flights to every major European and Canadian city.

Tourism brings in overs 38 million visitors each year. They spend around 17 billion dollars.