Why do you choose to represent the buyers?

We realize that buyers who aren’t familiar with the region where they want to invest and aren’t familiar with its local customs will be completely helpless in trying to sort through the voluminous number of properties offered in the newspapers and on the internet, by multitudes of real estate agencies.

How do you differ from other real estate brokers?

The vast majority of real estate agents and brokers are assigned by sellers who want to sell their property. This standpoint leads them to defend the interests of the seller. On the contrary, we exclusively represent buyers. We guide them in their investment research, and we will only defend their interests.

Who will take care of my property if I reside abroad?

We refer our clients to reputable property management firms, and sometimes manage properties ourselves. In any case, we maintain a permanent bond with every client and are always at the ready to help resolve any issue.

What is the best way to minimize taxes?

The key is in selecting the most favorable framework in each individual case. For this reason, we advise clients to consult with our accountants and tax experts who prepare a tailor made structural approach according to each client’s profile and requirements. Depending on each case, clients can acquire a property in their own name, set up a corporation or LLC in the US, or purchase the property via a foreign corporation.

What taxes are due at resale?

There is a capital gains tax which varies according to how long the property is owned.

What other taxes are related to real estate holdings?

There is an annual property tax based on a municipal evaluation. Condominiums have additional charges payable monthly or quarterly.

What are the transfer fees involved in a real estate acquisition?

Compared to other countries, especially France, the transfer fees are very low in the US. For example, in Florida, the total cost including lawyers’ fees and transfer taxes hovers slightly over 1% of the property’s sale price. In case of a mortgage, it is necessary to add 0.55% of the amount of the loan, and closing costs.

So, how is the transaction set in motion?

As soon as we have a sales agreement signed by both parties, we turn it over to a real estate lawyer. He verifies the titles and prepares the final deed. In the United States, notaries do not work with real estate transactions; instead they are performed by specialized real estate lawyers. (In America, a notary is a sworn official who authenticates signatures on official documents).

What is the usual procedure of a real estate purchase?

As soon as our clients choose amongst the properties we have proposed, we work together with them to determine a buying strategy in order to determine the lowest offering price. According to the sellers’ response, we proceed to negotiate until a final agreement is reached.

Do you charge a commission to your clients who are purchasing ?

No, we do not, since we are getting part of the commission already included in the price. This commission is paid by the sellers. Consequently, we offer our services free of charge for our clients.

In what way do you work with buyers?

As licensed professional real estate agents, we have access to every single property available on the market. We do a comprehensive market research according to the criteria given by clients. We visit and analyze each property and refine our selection, retaining only the best ones, which we then offer to clients.

How does the American market differ from those of other countries?

Contrarily to other countries where people reside in one place for a long period of time, Americans move often, around every seven years, in the same city or another region. Consequently, the real estate market is very active and a large number of transactions are constantly taking place.