In Florida approximately 95% of all deals are done between two agencies, one representing the seller and the other one representing the buyer, with a shared commission included in the sales price.

The role of a real estate agent representing the buyer is to do a custom search for him amongst all the properties on the market across all real estate agencies, without charge.


Our clientele mainly consists of Europeans and Canadians who are either looking to acquire a secondary residence in Florida, are ready to relocate here, or are looking to invest in a rental property with solid appreciation.

In all cases, we offer complete services from researching properties to finalizing the deed, and if necessary, assistance with any legal questions and obtention of a residence visa.

Thanks to our comprehensive data base which includes all properties for sale in every agency, we are well qualified to help you select exactly what you’re looking for amongst the best properties.

Surely you’ve done business in the past with other real estate agents in Europe or Canada, but your experience with US Invest will be completely different.

We will come to pick you up, whether in Miami or elsewhere on the east or west coasts. We will drive you to visit properties, for several days if necessary, to ensure you can visit every property we’ve selected for you. If, during your visits, you decide you’d prefer to orient your research towards another type of property, we’ll do additional research in our data base and organize new visits for the next day. Of course all these services are offered with absolutely no obligation to purchase.


Bernard Bismuth


Bernard Bismuth has accumulated 30 years of experience in real estate sales. He started his career in the 16th district of Paris, and later in Montreal.

He’s now established in Florida since 14 years. He works in collaboration with a team of professionals including lawyers, accountants, tax experts and immigration counsellors, whom he has selected for their competence and work ethic. He is one of the rare real estate agents who is very familiar with the European, Canadian, Quebec and Florida real estate markets.

Mireille Devos

Associate Realtor
Mireille Devos has nearly 25 years experience in Management. She began her career in Belgium in 1975. She has been vice-president of the Trans National Venture group, a financial firm out of California. Today she benefits from 14 years of experience in real estate. Her specialty consists of a thorough understanding of clients’ wishes and requirements, and analysis of the many properties available in the data base in order to sift out the best ones for each individual client.

Both Directors are members of various associations:

  • Real Estate Association of Miami and the Beaches (RAMB)
  • Florida Association of Realtors (FAR)
  • Sarasota Association of Realtors (SAR)
  • USA National Association of Realtors (NAR)

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